A smart approach is understanding that a project needs a meaning, a precise message, adresses to someone, evolves in a context, language, environnement and culture. Its graphics need to acknowledge this all in order to stand out, to last and to remain relevant through time.


Brain is necessary, but eyes and heart are fundamentals.
I design for a client, for myself, for people; design echoes to the human being and I believe it has to go way beyond a purely functional communication and mechanical resolution of his needs.


Art.Moonassis DAEHYUN KIM, Isola Bella DANIKA DANIC, Outsider art. Fashion. ARACHNE, HYOKKA. Movies.L’été de Kikujiro TAKESHI KITANO, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind MICHEL GONDRY, Rubber QUENTIN DUPIEUX, Ariel AKI KAURISMAKI, Mommy XAVIER DOLAN. Music. SYDNEY VALETTE, COCO ROSIE. Books.The old men and the fish ERNEST HEMINGWAY, La nuit des temps RENE BARJAVEL, Lisey’s story STEPHEN KING, Norvegian Wood HARUKI MURAKAMI, The Prophet KHALIL GIBRAN. Photography. LUIGI GHIRRI, RENATO D’AGOSTIN, VIVIANE SASSEN. Design. NENDO Places. home, Mokka kaffe Reikjavik, Skolska 28 Prague. Wine. Marquis de Prada, Cupcake Red Velvet Food. Marcolini. Other. Ceramics, analogic.