Drug packaging & branding for adult's daily small injuries.

Brand: Bobo

Art direction: ©Luce Roux
Category: Healthcare Branding and Packaging
Description: Special needs
Target: Adult, city dwellers
Client: Student project / OCAD University
Main Material: Paper, Black Ink only

Note: Vegetation photographs on packs are of owner’s property, feel free to contact me if one of them is yours


This project is about designing packaging for special needs. I created a drug package for daily small injuries (cold, headache, digestive problems, muscle aches, tiredness…).

‘Bobo’ is a french children word meaning daily small injuries, the english equivalent being « boo-boo », this project is designed for adult’s bobos.

3 products :
• Mint to heal your dry nose  mint
• Vervein to cure your headaches,
• Willow to help with digestive problems

I wanted the product composition to be based on natural extracts. However I noticed that the only moment when I don’t mind being eco-friendly or not – for the same quality/price – is when I am sick.
The consumer is impatient, he needs something strong, immediate, and natural medecine doesn’t appear to be associated to that image.

That is why the visual identity is clear, bold, easy to spot.

All packages have a reveal allowing the consumer to judge if he has to buy more. For eco-friendly, economic & creative reasons, only black & white is used.

• As it is designed for Canadian consumers, both English and French versions exist on each package.
When sticked together, the packages recreate the branding, playing with symmetry and volume.